Quality Control


Passive Inter-Modulation Distortion

Drop Test

This test evaluates the effect of sudden impact on the product when the product is misplaced during shipping in the boxed condition. The test can be up to 84 inch (213 cm) in maximum free fall height and uses equipment to provide steel, concrete and wood base plates. The falling direction can be tested at various angles / orientations such as flatness, corner, and edge, and the product is tested for durability and impact based on ASTM D5276-98 test specifications.

Airleak Test


The outdoor device is undergoing full inspection. The air leak test complies with the IP67 standard.

Airleak Test


Temperature and Humidity chamber

Test temperature: Room temperature is changed from 25 ° C to -35 ° C and change again to + 85 ° C, and the cycle is repeated several times to meet customer requirements. Out door humidity state is from 10% to 90%.

Vibration Test

Test Condition Frequency: 5 Hz ~ 14Hz ~ 100 Hz Displacement: 15.6 mm / 14 Hz before the Displacement Acceleration A: 5 G / 14 Hz after the Acceleration 10 minute / 1 Sweep, Test Time: 1 hour /1 direction, 3 direction(Attachments : Program) Environment: temperature 15 ~ 35 ℃, Humidity 25 ~ 75% RH.